Top Tips for Earning Top Rewards 🌟

23rd Feb 2022 1 mins read

We get it - there are lots of ways of earning points through the ProMotion Rewards app, and you want to maximise the points you can earn. Without further ado, let's talk strategy.

1. Scan Every Receipt!

The best way to earn maximum points is to scan all of your shopping receipts, that way, you never miss out on rewards. This way, at the very least you'll get your receipt bonus, and if there are any brand partners or product offers on your receipt, you'll get those too! Plus, when we know the types of brands you like to buy, we do our best to have those brand partners on the platform, so keep on showing us what you like! 

2. Answer Surveys

You will often see surveys pop up in the Discover Page, as well as under the "more" tab in the bottom bar of the screen. All of our surveys are quick and easy to do, and shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes to answer. 

3. Tell a friend 👀

Check out the "Refer a Friend" feature under the "more" tab. From time to time, we'll be offering "refer a friend" bonuses where you and your friend both get rewarded when they join and upload a receipt*. Spread the love, and get rewards!

4. Brand Loyalty & Special Offers

Check out our brand partners in the app, because any time you purchase one of their products and upload the receipt, you'll be rewarded for your brand loyalty, regardless of where you bought it. Our brand partners also run Special Offers, which you'll see in-app, where you earn even more points for purchasing specific brand products. Once you scan your receipt, you will get your bonus points into your "Wallet" in the app. 

5. Reach the weekly step goal

When you reach the weekly step goal of 35,000 steps, you will receive a "step bonus". The step bonus is calculated based on the total points you earned in-app that week, so the more you engage with ProMotion Rewards overall, the more your steps earn you! 

Most importantly of all though, have fun, and do it your way. Engage the way you like to with the app, and make sure to let us know your favourite ways of earning those sweet points! 





*Terms and Conditions apply. 

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