How to earn points every time with ProMotion Rewards⭐️

13th Apr 2023 2 mins read

How to save money while shopping? How to make money using receipts? What to do with shopping receipts? We understand these questions and are here to give you the perfect solution that not only manages your receipts for you but also pays you for them.🥳

With the ProMotion Rewards App, you can make money with every receipt you upload. Simply click a picture of a shopping or restaurant receipt on the ProMotion Rewards App, collect points, and redeem these points for a gift card of your choice!⭐️

While snapping receipts, avoid these common mistakes to never miss out on any points:

1. Missing information:
Be sure to make all information on a receipt visible - we’re talking date, store name, items bought, and total amount paid. You can always use the + button on the app to take multiple pictures of single long receipts so you don’t miss out on any of the details.

Pro tip: dates are usually at the very bottom of most receipts, be sure to include that sneaky lil section in your photos👀

2. Unclear photos:
Shaky, blurry pictures are not a vibe! Hold your camera still when clicking pictures of the receipts and give those beauties some time to pose. The clearer the receipt, the quicker you get points📸

3. Very old receipts:
We love and accept all receipts within a 90 day time span from the day of upload with big open arms. Any receipts older than that will unfortunately get rejected, so keep an eye out🗓

4. Duplicate receipts:
And lastly, like Drake once said ”Imitation isn’t flattery, it’s just annoying me.” Be sure to upload one receipt only once, any duplicates will be rejected by the system making you miss out on points, and we would be so sad if you had to miss out on any ProMotion points.❌

Found these tips helpful or think we missed out on any? Let us know on any of our social media channels @usepromotion on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter or write to us at

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